How to Keep Sales Strong when Competition is Fierce


If you’ve been doing your online business for some time, you’ll realize that the stronger the competition gets, the more difficult it will be for you to generate sales. For instance, if you have a product in the dating niche and there are 50 other products in the same niche competing with you, it will be difficult for you to get more sales for your product. This is true especially if your competitors are charging less for their products. But, there is a way for you to keep your sales coming even though the competition is so stiff.

Here’s how to keep sales strong when competition is fierce:

1. Give a competitive price: Study your competitors and see how they price their products. If your product is more expensive than theirs, then you should justify this price with abundance of benefits. However, if you think that your product is no different than your competitor’s product, then you should consider lowering your price. Giving a better price for your customers will always give you a better result in your sales.

2. Give more benefits to your customers: The success of your product will be determined by how you deliver. When you study various successful products, you’ll realize that they’re over-delivering what they promise to their customers. If you want your product to be more appealing, then you should give more benefits to your customers. Of course, those benefits should make your customers think that your product is worth more than the money they spend on it.

3. Always be better than your competitors: What are your competitors offering to their customers? What are the best features of their products? Study your most successful competitors and strive to be better than them. Give more to your customers. Never let your competitors to be better than you. If you let this happen, you will have many disadvantages in your business. You’ll be defeated and your product will no longer be seen as any better than your competitor’s.

4. Strengthen your USP: What is the unique selling point of your product? Understand it because it is the most appealing part of your product. Once you understand your unique selling point, you should strengthen it and make it apparent in your promotion. Always make sure that your customers understand your product’s USP. Improve your unique selling point to the point that customers become gladly satisfied in using your product. It could be the quality. It could be the effectiveness. It could be the presentation. Whatever your USP is, you have to strengthen it and make it apparent.

5. Improve your promotional materials: Once you’ve improved various aspects of your product, it’s the time for you to improve your promotional materials. A good product won’t help you to generate sales if you don’t accompany it with good promotional materials such as landing page, sales page, ads, banners, articles, and so on. So, you have to improve the quality of your promotional materials so that they can improve your product’s conversion rate more effectively.

That’s what you need to do to keep sales strong when competition is fierce. Never let your competition bother you. The key to survive in your business is to improve your product so that your competitors can no longer compete with you.

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Looking for Web Hosting Provider


There are many articles that tell you why you should consult a web hosting provider but they don’t tell you what you should be looking for in a web hosting service. Here are some reminders that will help you:

1. Contract

wwwMore often than not, web hosting companies have attractive deals and specials available if you look around on the web. For example, WebHostingHub coupons and promotions can bring down the price to only $3.99 per month from the regular rate of $6.99 per month. When it’s your first time signing up for web hosting, be careful agreeing on long-term contracts unless the company has a money back guarantee period and/or provides pro-rated refunds. So, it is advisable that you try their services out, with the piece of mind that if it doesn’t work out you can get a refund and move on.

2. Bandwidth

A particular web hosting provider may be offering you an affordable rate but upon checking you may suffer from low bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data that a particular web hosting company allocates for web users to download and upload from a hosting account.

3. Domains and Email

A lot of web hosting services comes with the ability to host many domains and create multiple email accounts that users can use. Beware of free web hosting services as they most likely limit your domain and email account capabilities. Also chances are they will be profiting more on your use of their website by putting advertisements on your webpages.

4. Storage Capacity

The disk storage capacity of the web hosting plan is important to note as well. A demand for high storage capacity usually applies to websites with a lot of images, videos, or sites with a lot of users/customers that store data in databases. But for smaller websites, a substantial storage capacity won’t be a problem.

5. Backup

Your web hosting provider should also offer a easy way to backup your data because unpleasant circumstances do occur such as human error, server failure or virus. This is very important when you use your website as your main interface to communicate with your customers and clients.

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The Power of Social Media Campaigns


globalSocial media has become a critical component of any meaningful Internet marketing strategy. Social networking titan Facebook has millions of users and is the most used social media site in the world. If your company is not already on Facebook then your brand needs to get its market share from this booming Internet community. Advertising on Facebook is more effective that running PPC campaigns because social networks enable advertisers to set up extremely targeted campaigns. Increasing the number of Facebook likes you have garners popularity for your web pages and increases your chances of success.

If you use Facebook advertising you will empower your social media campaign to get as many followers as you desire. This means getting as many leads as you want. Increased lead volumes translate to increased sales of the actual products and services you are offering on your website. Properly done, using Facebook ads will increase your number of likes and give you a competitive edge critical for sustaining the reach and effectiveness of a social media campaign.

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